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On behalf of our team at Netherfield, we would like to welcome you to our practice.

Netherfield Dental Practice was established in 1939, from this date our philosophy has been to provide a quality dental service mainly to the local community which encompasses all aspects of dental and oral care.

At Netherfield we have a highly motivated team of Dentists, Therapists, Hygienists, Dental Nurses and Oral Health Educators. Our skilled team are in place to help prevent and treat dental problems, therefore creating and maintaining that perfect smile you always wanted.

Using the latest techniques and cosmetic procedures at the practice allows us to achieve a high standard of results.

We also have membership plans, finance offers and are available for early morning or evening appointments. There is free parking close to the practice and step free access for the less able.

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NHS & Private

At Netherfield Dental Practice we provide both NHS and Private dentistry. The NHS provides all the treatment necessary to maintain your oral health.

There are some treatments (mainly cosmetic) which are not available under the NHS and you may wish to have these done privately.

NHS patients pay fees set by the Dental Practice Division; this treatment is carried out using pre-determined materials which restricts the choice of products and treatments on offer. Some NHS patients are entitled to either full or partial exemption from charges.

NHS patients can opt to have private treatment carried out giving them the opportunity to use superior materials, techniques and procedures not available on the NHS.

Private fees are set by each clinician; his/her fees are set at their own discretion depending on the challenges of each individual case. Patients may decide to join our practice as purely private, ensuring the use of superior materials as well as longer appointment times.

There is also a greater availability of appointments to suit the patient.


We are proud to be a Childsmile Practice. Our specialised Dental Nurses provide Childsmile clinics weekly to continue to improve children’s oral health. Come along and register!

Childsmile is a national programme designed to improve the dental health of children in Scotland. Childsmile practices target children from birth, promote oral health improvement and clinical caries prevention in primary care dental services. Additional clinical prevention programmes are delivered within priority nursery and primary school establishments through Childsmile nursery and Childsmile school.

From 6 months of age, appointments will be made for the child to attend dental services on a regular basis. A programme of Childsmile care tailored to meet the needs of the individual child will be provided by the dental team. This includes oral health advice e.g. on healthy weaning, teething and tooth brushing instruction, provision of free dental packs and from 2 years of age annual dental check ups and twice yearly fluoride varnish applications.

It is envisaged that children attending a Childsmile practice will continue with the same dental practice for their dental care needs throughout childhood and into adulthood.

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